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Keynsham UK website is a regularly updated resource providing information on goods services and everything relating to the prosperous town of Keynsham, BNES, UK. BS31. 

Keynsham developed has deveoped from a medieval market town to a 19,000 population and growing settlement which has many goods and services to offer. 

Keynsham Abbey was founded around 1170, and there are many other Churches and public buildings to explore in Keynsham.

Situated at the confluence of the River Chew and River Avon Keynsham through the ages has had to deal with serious flooding risks from the nearby rivers. This whas alleviated with creation of Chew Valley Lake and river level controls at Keynsham Lock in 1727.

Sadly The Chew Stoke flood of 1968 inundated large parts of the town, resulting in destruction around the Memorial parrk area, and highlighted the need to further engineer flood defences within the beautiful Town.

Keynsham was home to the Cadbury’s chocolate factory, Somerdale, which opened in 1935 as a major employer in the town. The Chocolate Factory later closed and has been renovated into premium appartments which sell for high prices, and are well located with road and rail links. 

Keynsham’s main park, Memorial Park, which is used for town festivals and hosts several nature reserves is a great place for a picnic or snack in the cafe.

Keynsham is well served by a railway station on the London-Bristol and Bristol-Southampton trunk routes and is close to the A4 road which bypassed the town in 1964. There are schools, religious, sporting, cultural clubs and venues.


Keynsham has a number of great places to eat drink and be merry.


Well renowned for it's culinary delights Keynsham is a great place to find reasonably priced high quality food.


There are a number of great coffee shops in Keynsham where you have relax work and drink fresh coffee.

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