Tesco Store Keynsham Grocery Shopping

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The Tesco store in Keynsham is a popular desination for buying groceries and everyday essentials for the people of Keynsham and surrounding areas. There is plentiful parking for 2 hours, including 4 EV electric car charging points by Podpoint. There are plenty of options as you would expect from a mid sized supermarket. There are sometimes items discounted at the end of the day for shoppers who are on a tight budget, or are not averse to a bargain. There is also a small section for items which are end of the line and further discounted. Tesco’s main competitors in Keynsham are Waitrose Iceland, Sainsburys and the CO-OP

If a Tesco customer you can park for up to 2 hours which gives enough time to pop over into the main Keysham Town area if you need any additional items. Trolleys and other aids are available and the store has all you would expect from a leading food retailer. Parking is free and convenient which is what makes this Tesco a great place to shop.

Tesco Keynsham is definitely worth a visit, has friendly staff and a logical layout. This Tesco does not always have the diverse range of products you might find in a bigger store, with the nearest larger Tesco perhaps being in Brislington. Prices are what you would expect, and the store is clean and tidy, apparently well run.

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